Additional Software Modules



DIGITAL CHECK OUT -Cuts off paper production-

The whole check-out process will be carried out digitally:

Information bill: the pro-forma invoice is displayed on the tablet so that customer can check figures.
He can then confirm or not  accuracy data.

Pos Receipt: after the credit card transaction , the operator issues the invoice with PMS.
The invoice  and Pos receipt in digital format will be displayed on the tablet .
The customer will sign directly on the receipt tablet.

Copy invoice: it will be printed or sent by mail to customer his copy  with credit card transaction details, 
complete of signature.

Storage Invoice: a copy of the documents issued in pdf format (including relevant POS receipt and 
customer’s signature) can be saved either to your local server or to a dedicated hosting server 
and will be stored according to GDPR Regulations.

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CUSTOM DIGITAL LAYOUT -Hotel, Wellness spa, Golf, Medical center, ...-

The layouts will be displayed on the tablet and will be available in .pdf

The customer can fill in the digital form, writing and / or check the
various boxes with the electronic pen.

The data entered will be extracted and saved in the database.

The .pdf document complete with data and signatures will be saved in the
document archive on the local server or on a hosting server and will be
archived according to the GDPR Regulation.


View layout examples:

Registration card

Personal data sheet

Rent bike

Kid's Club


Disclaimer credit card

Windows opening authorization

Private pool

Baby sitting


Self declaration affidavit

Don’t enter my room

Rent car

Dog sitting

Supplement form


Tax data sheet (check - out)

Medical center

STATE POLICY -Sending customer data to the state police-

The software module for the creation of PS files and electronic data transmission to the State Police server.
The program creates a daily file of guests' registration cards and connection is made with the Police site , so all records with names are being provided in accordance with the current  law.
In the event of registering guests whose period of stay would not be longer  than 24 hours,the program automatically connects to the police website and in real time will send the guest's name to the State Police server according to the rules and room typology.


SECURITY & SAFETY -Assist security and safety operations-

The programme generates a report containing a list of customers currently accomodated and next to the name the identity  photo captured during document scanning upon check-in process.

This report will be essential during all those emergency situations during  which rescue teams promptly require in order to trace people (terrorist attack, fire, hearthquake, epidemics etc).

This report extract will be available only to the authorized users with specific access credentials.

The report will show in order customer's nationality and following info : surname, name, e-mail address, arrival date, departure date and room number. The total number of allocated persons will be displayed and divided by nationality.

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DIGITAL UPSELLING -Increases sales though digital upselling-

NP Upselling interfaced with your Pms, allows you to view on tablet  photos of the rooms to be proposed in upselling.
The business is easy to manage, because the operator will have on  monitor the room booked and the prices of rooms.
to offer in Upselling. With a simple click on the tablet customer can visualize  room photo in Upselling.
If accepted, the customer will be asked to sign with the digital pen, the format as Upgrade Confirmation.

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