Q-Easy consists of a Plexiglass unit, characterized by an elegant and modern design that suits every hotel reception, equipped with a Windows SURFACE with digital camera and pen. Q-easy is interconnected with the front desk’s PC and interfaced to the PMS, so that the whole check-in/check-out operation can be carried out digitally.
A single device for scanning IDs, visualizing information, agreeing to privacy policy terms, acquiring signatures and entering personal data and details; no more need to install additional application software or system tools on your computer, no more peripheral device connections either, so no more scanners, tablets and, above all, no more annoying and cumbersome cables on your desk.

How Q-easy works

Q-Easy is open on both ends so that, depending on the Covid precautions adopted by the hotel, operations can be carried out either by the hotel receptionist or by the guest with the assistance of the operator, if needed.

Q-easy will automatically focus the ID and take a photo-scan of it to acquire the data; after that, by using the same Surface, the guest will be asked to select their language and use the digital pen (with disposable protective cover) to read and agree to privacy policy terms, sign their registration card or any other form needed, enter their e-mail address and phone number, etc.

Q-easy will transfer the data acquired into the PMS, both in real time and in background, without any further action by the receptionist. All signed documents are then saved and stored in your database.

All the above-described operations fully comply with the Covid guidelines. Our products are in line with the government’s social distancing guidelines, they do not cause or encourage gatherings at the Reception and minimize waiting times in common areas.

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