Our Web check-in interface is connected to the PMS and/or booking software. Guests will receive, along with their booking confirmation, a link named “webcheck-in nopapersolution”, by means of which they can register their data online, attach their ID and those of their travel mates and give privacy consent.

Furthermore, they will be able to fill out the documents in advance relating to the registration card and other layout forms proposed by the hotel, which will only be digitally signed upon arrival.

Np Technology maintains high safety standards:

Web check-in profiles can be accessed via a TOKEN system that secures access to data.

At the end of check-in, guests will automatically receive a link they will use upon arrival at the hotel to confirm their check-in by simply pushing a button.

Reception or back office operators will receive a desktop notification informing about the guest’s arrival so as to complete check-in operations and prepare the room key.

When a guest arrives to check-in, the operator -before giving the room key- will only have to:

  • Make sure the data entered by the guest are correct;
  • Verify that the document previously received is the same as the one being shown by the guest;
  • Ask the guest to sign the registration card so as to confirm their privacy policy consent.

All data uploaded through this interface will be automatically uploaded via web services to NP’s database and then transferred to the PMS.

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